The song,the tune,the mellow moods of whiskey blues
Pale moon in the midnight sky with hapless thoughts
Lost youth in doped hope

Swinging maturity early deaths
Welcome to the new age
Where love get sold under the piles of money
Here masks are known behind the unknown faces
The time where feelings are stabbed my distrust and greed

Little girls turn into prostitutes selling their virginity
Deviant riches buy them for free
Caring,sharing,love or promises are alienated words
No one stops,no one stares
At the bench where lonesome couples in a solitary park

Plastic made smiles,pacemaker replaced hearts
C'mon join the run they invited

I stayed aloof,staying calm smiled at the hopeless hunting
Of money,power,success of the new age Netizens...!!!


Was this meant for you and me or just us??
Endless nights with those silly fights with sudden smiles

I remember when you used to think people will change
for me it was you who can never alter

The world was there for you trying to embrace you with its rainbow colors
While you were the world to me

You were happy as you watched the crowd to cheer
I smiled 'coz you gave them the reason to share joy

No words,no promises,no more tears
Our silence spoke thousand words while we stared at each other fathomless in vacuity of time
I was alive since you were only there

One sudden strike I opened my eyes
And found "Us" to be asunder
You were gone in a morning rush of glittering necropolis of city heights...!!!


Who are you??
-An answer to my unsolved puzzle
A virgin tune of my broken verses

Or just a thought...???
Pause!!don't speak...

Your talks make my depression elapse
Your smile makes the day brighter
Remember me??

And now I'm left alone dumped in the city streets
Peace..??or a hopeless journey

Tired expedition through the deserts
Illusive pursuit of unconditional love
The summer sun killed my hopes into mere ashes...

...And then???!!

YOU Happened...!!!


The crowd, the chorus,the never ending fans
Welcomed you as you stepped on the stage...

While I was lighting the candle in the dark
Wishing you were here.

Now you set your tune on fire
Through the bleeding guitar
...audience applauded adrenaline elevated
People cheering for only you my Pied Piper

And I...?? sat quietly by the candle light waiting
For a final call...

You started to cheer with social moths
Another day of success...another reason to commemorate
Champagne popped up draining you with golden moments

I smiled while popping the magic pills
You ain't never backtracked
Silence this time couldn't speak
And I got dried up in my molten emotions
While seeing you fading playing...

...The last tune of your beloved Bleeding Guitar...!!


Meaningless love as a dry flower
Rain doesn't soothe a burning heart
All it does is to flame it alive

Evaporated emotions in a dead soul
'Coz you took it all away
Stabbed bleeding heart is the gift
From my darling Pied Piper...

He set the rules... planned the game
Dreadful nights,painful blames
It was raining acid and he left me to suffer
Down in the middle of the road...

Now my eyes are dry
'Coz I dont cry anymore.


Remember me when the nights seem longer
I promise,I will be there
till the dawn welcomes you with arms open wide...

Remember me when the journey makes you weary
So that I can sing a song that makes you
to achieve what you were pining...

I'm not a poetess, neither I can make you smile
I'm just ME who craves for your love even after I die
You came, conquered and made me weak
I closed my eyes in tears never to dream again...

Slipped time, satiate memories
With broken heart I stand here alone
I lost the star, lost the gaze
I pined for nothing but just your love that was true...

Now years passed and nights are lonely
All I want is you to remember me...


Bloody tears fall from the sky,
the tranquil midnight's harmonious silence
broken by the screams of sin
her wings town to shreds, drenched in blood
crimson hair stuck to her face, with pale skin,
her gray eyes staring emotionless
into the night sky, an angel's whisper
chills her blood, the fallen angel's descent ends.

She lies motionless, her eyes shut
tears as dark as blood roll down her face
in one hand a bloody dagger,
in the other a shattered heart
ripped out of her own chest....

He promised to take care of her
but he hurt her in return...
He promised to bring her joy
but he brought her tears...
He promised her his LOVE
But only he could give was the pain.....!!!!

And the fallen angel....???!!!
promised him nothing...
But gave Him,



Was it written in the stars
For us to be apart?
And was it in our destiny
For you to find my heart?

A million miles you had to go
And left me far behind,
But in our hearts and in our souls
True love, we did find.

Dreaming of you, I sit now
Wishing you were here,
Memories of you are all I have
For me to keep you near.

This heart of mine, it beats for you
For all times, this I know,
This love, I'll always cherish
Wherever you must go.

I miss you more than words can say
You're everything to me,
For it was written in the stars -
Our love was meant to be.


Love has no meaning
its just like a dead flower

Rain doesn't soothe a burning heart
All it does is to flame it alive

Emotions are all gone
'Coz its all gone with you!!

I'm not not in
a self to do

I'm not suffering 'coz I'm
used to it

My eyes are dry,
'Coz I don't cry anymore...!!


He was dawn
Sunrise was his heart
His love was morning...the beginning!!

He was noon
Midday was his radiant face
His embrace was the pinnacle of
my days...always

He was dusk
Sunset was his serenade
His bittersweet kiss was twilight,
The ending...

And now he is night
Midnight was his soft goodbye
The pale moon reaches its
zenith,in the nothingness on my
Dying Heart...!!!


-With the man with the
strawberry lies

-As I stare at those bottomless

-To recapture his loving

-'Coz he is throwing fists of disagree
I love him...I loved him...
Why can't he see....

Why can't he love,or just let me be free....!!


-With the man with the
strawberry lies

-As I stare at those bottomless

-To recapture his loving

-'Coz he's throwing fits of

I loved him,I love him why cant he see
Why cant h love,or just let me be...!!


Bleeding heart
Stabbed trust
Numb love
-Gifts from my beloved Pied Piper

He showed me the
Razzmatazz of the Utopian city
He played the music of celluloid love
I was enchanted
-Wot a fool I was

As the dreams vaporised
I saw myself through the broken
Mirror of self sanity
they were laughing at me
Their cacophony made me weak

Thanks for the
Eternal unlove n gift I got
From my Bleeding Guitarist..!!


Glasses frozen
Deep down within
No hope to look for
In the stars that we gaze in

Hopeless thoughts
Process??Or still non-existing
No tomorrow in the numb eyes
Of once dreamy shadows...

I those weary travelers
digging misfortunes!!

N still I stand
Gazing the starry nights
Of lost love,shallow dreams,hopeless desire..!!


Times spent with smokes in the air
Feels as if no one cares
You are there but am still alone
Your presence would made things so warm never had time

Endless nights
With choking tears
Heart throbbing to feel u near
Ur busy engrossed in other works
I wait fr u all alone
' never had time

Sunny sky,autumn cheers
Lovers meeting,caressing each other
Sitting in a park with colorless flowers
Looking at your snap as your still not here

Seasons changed,time elapsed
Me waiting for us to share
Thoughts,scribbles,that i made for u
Cold silver breeze freezing the heart
I slashed my hand n frozen blood oozed out
I closed my eyes in peace intoxicated by ur memories

Wishing If you Ever Had Time...!!


Its dark, very dark out here
& there you cum my grim reaper
Black hooded robe with the fiery eyes

I stand still all my conscious turn numb
Am bleeding, bleeding profusely
The child has not seen its day light
its still quivering in cold
Blue starry night
The wind stopped blowing
Time has promised not to run
Still I can feel the tiny creature
Laying just next 2 me
Its a brutal gift, gift of stabbed love
No faith, No promise, no tomorrow....

Here you cum my grim reaper
Am crying in pain, pleading you not 2 take away the tiny body
But heartless you put your cold hand on it
I herd its cry for a while
& then you take it away to the Eternal Bliss....!!!


There she comes
as beautiful as a fresh flower
her smile was the breakthrough of the monotony....
---SHE WAS DA DAWN....!!

The twinkle in her eyes
can soothe a bleeding heart
her love was a reason to live on
her beauty can make you spell bound....
----SHE WAS DA DAY...!!

Here she cums the Angel of Immense Displeasure
she mocks at my unconditional love
her other man swept her away
the known became unknown,the seen became unseen
girl with a golden voice lost somewhere in the dark...
my eyes blurred
i see her fading.....
---SHE WAS DA DUSK....!!

Soon she vanished
her feelings got vaporised & stabbed me behind
i was bleeding,crying in pain
She is a lier, a devil an Embodiment of Betrayal.
She deserted me pining for more
her serene beauty changed to brutality
her laughter seemed to be scary
Claws came out from her sensuous palm
her beautiful eyes glowed in sheer cruelty
I closed my eyes in tears & started journeying to the Eternal Bliss.....!!


All Myths And All Lies

Once upon
A time
There was
Truth to the
Myth of what
And I
Had found
In a blank paged
Fairy tale.

Snow White
Doesn't sleep
In a casket made of
Slippers will break
If you wear them.

Walk across this
Written word
With fingers
And me
No more.

He loves
He loves me!

My Valentine
Will you
Be mine
No longer . . .


It was a journey of a loner...
Lost in the mystic mirage of the death valley...!!!
Tired n thirsty transient was pining for shelter...!!!

There You stand...
Stand calm n serene...
Like the cherished dream of the dry eyes...
Inviting the weary soul in the land of abundance...

Weary wanderer was intoxicated with the scene...
Craving to reach you...pining to touch the razzmatazz of the boho metropolis...
So near yet so far...there you stand..
The lord of the Dreamland...

N as the soul was about to touch your soft soothing hand...
You could no more stand...
All went dark...
All were dry...
No more tears to cry...
You left the weary traveler...again in the desert....
Back to square one...lost n alone...
Timeless journey dreamless tears...!!!

N now she stands - the lonely transient
Looking at the debris of the memories spent...
Dreams treasured...Smiles shared...

Of Vanished YOU....!!!


Times up...over now...!!!

Hustle bustle....
Quick have to be on the zenith of matured success
No waiting...
No Throbbing hearts...
No question of deep caressing...
People sell them here in exchange...

Circling smokes are fading in waste...
No nicotine tasted so bad...
Pressure rising...
Boiling deep withing...
Another day of struggle....!!!

All want to Win yes Winning is the anthem...
No one needs to be blamed...!!!

I stay away...seeing the rat race of unsolved mystery...
Success...?? nah let me be the last in the run of misery...!!

I smiled n stayed for a while...
Looking at da endless quest of no completion...

I pack my bags n bid adieu
To the unlimited bondage of modern technology...!!


I remember the night
I bid farewell to love
n then...

After years...
through the colored lens
love does appear
an illusion or a concept...

Jaded in my nicotine coated hub
i found love
in my own way
just the way i wanted...

N now...
my voodoo land welcomes you
to feel its magical warmth of my

Eternal Inexplicable Love...!!


the dwellers of Fools Paradise
Testing,nesting n then experimenting
Leave no stones unturned thy say

Nah just a worthless treasure hunting of faded emotions...

It rains when it evaporates..
just the way it pains wen the feelings die...
Death inevitable fact of meandering life
But still we hope still we make mistakes
we falter...we stumble...we fight...
under the dark cloudy sky
To achieve the fatal end

Will-o-the wisp...??
Yeah n much much more...

That night i realised
the night whose darkness never ended
that night when I saw you leaving...
Killing the dreams of cherished love n human emotions
U never turned around but i was waiting
With broken heart..slashed hand

Hopeless lover...??
yeah n may be something more...

But that night it rained
When you decided never to retort...!!