Bloody tears fall from the sky,
the tranquil midnight's harmonious silence
broken by the screams of sin
her wings town to shreds, drenched in blood
crimson hair stuck to her face, with pale skin,
her gray eyes staring emotionless
into the night sky, an angel's whisper
chills her blood, the fallen angel's descent ends.

She lies motionless, her eyes shut
tears as dark as blood roll down her face
in one hand a bloody dagger,
in the other a shattered heart
ripped out of her own chest....

He promised to take care of her
but he hurt her in return...
He promised to bring her joy
but he brought her tears...
He promised her his LOVE
But only he could give was the pain.....!!!!

And the fallen angel....???!!!
promised him nothing...
But gave Him,


1 comment:

Kshitija said...

Too much pain in this one... Its amazing. Aches my heart to just read it. I cant imagine what it did to u when you wrote it