the dwellers of Fools Paradise
Testing,nesting n then experimenting
Leave no stones unturned thy say

Nah just a worthless treasure hunting of faded emotions...

It rains when it evaporates..
just the way it pains wen the feelings die...
Death inevitable fact of meandering life
But still we hope still we make mistakes
we falter...we stumble...we fight...
under the dark cloudy sky
To achieve the fatal end

Will-o-the wisp...??
Yeah n much much more...

That night i realised
the night whose darkness never ended
that night when I saw you leaving...
Killing the dreams of cherished love n human emotions
U never turned around but i was waiting
With broken heart..slashed hand

Hopeless lover...??
yeah n may be something more...

But that night it rained
When you decided never to retort...!!

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