Meaningless love as a dry flower
Rain doesn't soothe a burning heart
All it does is to flame it alive

Evaporated emotions in a dead soul
'Coz you took it all away
Stabbed bleeding heart is the gift
From my darling Pied Piper...

He set the rules... planned the game
Dreadful nights,painful blames
It was raining acid and he left me to suffer
Down in the middle of the road...

Now my eyes are dry
'Coz I dont cry anymore.


Remember me when the nights seem longer
I promise,I will be there
till the dawn welcomes you with arms open wide...

Remember me when the journey makes you weary
So that I can sing a song that makes you
to achieve what you were pining...

I'm not a poetess, neither I can make you smile
I'm just ME who craves for your love even after I die
You came, conquered and made me weak
I closed my eyes in tears never to dream again...

Slipped time, satiate memories
With broken heart I stand here alone
I lost the star, lost the gaze
I pined for nothing but just your love that was true...

Now years passed and nights are lonely
All I want is you to remember me...