The song,the tune,the mellow moods of whiskey blues
Pale moon in the midnight sky with hapless thoughts
Lost youth in doped hope

Swinging maturity early deaths
Welcome to the new age
Where love get sold under the piles of money
Here masks are known behind the unknown faces
The time where feelings are stabbed my distrust and greed

Little girls turn into prostitutes selling their virginity
Deviant riches buy them for free
Caring,sharing,love or promises are alienated words
No one stops,no one stares
At the bench where lonesome couples in a solitary park

Plastic made smiles,pacemaker replaced hearts
C'mon join the run they invited

I stayed aloof,staying calm smiled at the hopeless hunting
Of money,power,success of the new age Netizens...!!!


Was this meant for you and me or just us??
Endless nights with those silly fights with sudden smiles

I remember when you used to think people will change
for me it was you who can never alter

The world was there for you trying to embrace you with its rainbow colors
While you were the world to me

You were happy as you watched the crowd to cheer
I smiled 'coz you gave them the reason to share joy

No words,no promises,no more tears
Our silence spoke thousand words while we stared at each other fathomless in vacuity of time
I was alive since you were only there

One sudden strike I opened my eyes
And found "Us" to be asunder
You were gone in a morning rush of glittering necropolis of city heights...!!!