There she comes
as beautiful as a fresh flower
her smile was the breakthrough of the monotony....
---SHE WAS DA DAWN....!!

The twinkle in her eyes
can soothe a bleeding heart
her love was a reason to live on
her beauty can make you spell bound....
----SHE WAS DA DAY...!!

Here she cums the Angel of Immense Displeasure
she mocks at my unconditional love
her other man swept her away
the known became unknown,the seen became unseen
girl with a golden voice lost somewhere in the dark...
my eyes blurred
i see her fading.....
---SHE WAS DA DUSK....!!

Soon she vanished
her feelings got vaporised & stabbed me behind
i was bleeding,crying in pain
She is a lier, a devil an Embodiment of Betrayal.
She deserted me pining for more
her serene beauty changed to brutality
her laughter seemed to be scary
Claws came out from her sensuous palm
her beautiful eyes glowed in sheer cruelty
I closed my eyes in tears & started journeying to the Eternal Bliss.....!!


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