Confused memories of mutilated heart
Bleeding through the colored glass
With promises resting in peace....

Wonderland where wonder toys are sold
for free
Happy moments in the happy hour....
Naked lusts meet love at night
Penetrating intoxication within the white sheets of tranquility
Life is a bliss...

After sacrificed death for a picture perfect reality!!


Remember Me..?
Am your sanity...
We used to walk hand in hand
But you could no more stand
The incisions of life
And chose to stay the horrid way....
In a life of illusions
And smokey repentance...!!!

Remember me.....???
Or should I believe
U've lost your head drawing pictures,
Scribbling things that dont make any sense
Waiting for the Eternal Death....!!!!


Jaded emotions,
Suffocating love,
Break...break the rules...
Ban the sweet nothings
Bang the head
Of lust,love and you....!!!

Illusive tracks of heaven
Sinful desire in the gargen of Edens!!
Wasn't that awry
Social fallacy of broken myths
Live with it...!!!
Die with it...!!!

Welcome to HEAVEN