I am a lost Musician
Lost upon the sky
I'm forsaken by you.

I am your lost reflection
Lost deep in your dreams
I'm ruined by you.

I'm lost woman
Lost in the Utopian World
I'm blind all for you.

I'm lost in the pain
All I hear is your voice
Of betrayed You.

I'm a lost bird
I can't find my way back
I can't find my home.

I'm lost in the shadows
Lost without any hope
I just hear the whispering

I'm lost in my world
Its too late for me now
I'm gone,I'm banished

All for you.


A night of
Woven stories of unchained melodies,
Lubricated with the molten thoughts
And photogenic engrams
A Wizard came to own the World!!

Endless babbles and simple laughter
Unforgiven thoughts and healed touched
Youth recovered, smile shared.

Cold whispers, agonizing tears,
Evanescent pains and a ray from within
The Wizard set them free.

Emotions flickered, truth revitalized...
Untrue lightening of a new beginning.

Dreams broken, trust shaken,
The Maven eluded from the "Land of Abundance"
"Promises are meant to be broken", he said
And vaporised in the shadows of long lost past.

The game is over, story is shredded
All in silence moved in the necropolis
That once the Wizard had awaken
An era of sweet nothings ended...!!!


A Dream...
The magic of the soul,
The hopes of the heart,
Deep down inside where, emotions start.

A Dream...
In so many years,
It's the only thing to get us through the day,
A hope that lies hidden,
Something unknown,
Except for when you're all alone.

A Dream...
Is reality to the human mind,
It's something that will happen in time.

A Dream...
Never lose it,
Never let it go,or
Give it away, because
Tomorrow will be the dreams of today.


There will be You and I
Hapiness all around
Till We live ever after

Myriad visions of half truth and naked lies
Let there be "Hey there delilah" gifted from the long halted past
No more fighting no more crying,
No more sad good byes with broken hearts.

Spring came with thousands flowers
Setting the birds free to fly high in the Never Never Land
Where love meets fate
Where You meet Me to be "Us"!!


Let me be alone for the days to come
Let me be alone for the memories to churn

Alone I remain for the blue blames you gave
Feeling guilty for the guilts that were never made.

Chained by the norms laid by society
Paralysed by the dreams thinking that even I can fly
Someone whispered "truth hurts"
My inner soul stopped breathing

Burn the rule, ban the sentiments, break the rules...
And now, they treat me like a hag
Unwanted, untouched with utter hatred
I sit alone and wonder....
So let me be alone for the tears that I never shed,
'Coz alone I am all alone...
Alone I meant to be.