The crowd, the chorus,the never ending fans
Welcomed you as you stepped on the stage...

While I was lighting the candle in the dark
Wishing you were here.

Now you set your tune on fire
Through the bleeding guitar
...audience applauded adrenaline elevated
People cheering for only you my Pied Piper

And I...?? sat quietly by the candle light waiting
For a final call...

You started to cheer with social moths
Another day of success...another reason to commemorate
Champagne popped up draining you with golden moments

I smiled while popping the magic pills
You ain't there...you never backtracked
Silence this time couldn't speak
And I got dried up in my molten emotions
While seeing you fading playing...

...The last tune of your beloved Bleeding Guitar...!!

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arkapravo said...

while my guitar gently weeps