Do Tarot Card Readings Really Work?

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m too scared to have my Tarot cards read. They might tell me something I don’t want to know, like something bad is going to happen!”

I sure have. Maybe you’ve even thought it yourself, before you knew anything about Tarot.

Every time I hear a statement like this, it breaks my heart. It means that people who feel this way are missing out on one of the most powerful tools available to us as intuitive beings – the Tarot. And instead of seeing themselves as creators of the future, they’re becoming victims of the future.

Tarot is a system that can help show you the path to love, health, and joy. It can show you how to live your life with no regrets, and reap the greatest rewards from life's lessons.

Oftentimes, clients want to know when they will get married, have children, get rich, etc. – all events which may occur now or far into the future. However, can a Tarot reading really ‘predict’ what will occur in 2 months, 2 years or even 22 years down the track?

Let’s start with the short answer. Having read various Tarot blog and forum posts, the general consensus is that a Tarot reading is valid for six to twelve months. No doubt this takes into account that life changes along the way, and that six to twelve months is a reasonable amount of time for these changes to occur. However, this does seem quite generalist.

The long answer – it all depends!

As a reader myself, I always tell my clients two things:

1: Nothing I say here is set in stone.

2: Everything can change depending on your decisions. Even a really bright future can turn sour and a bad future can turn around in a heartbeat.

If the Tarot doesn’t tell you the future, then what does it tell you?

Tarot won’t tell you exactly what will happen – for example, what will happen in your job, the exact date you’ll meet your future husband or the first name of your first child.

But it can predict what could happen based on your present circumstances. And it can show you what action to take now to manifest your goals in the future.

This quote from Paulo Coelho’s book, The Alchemist, captures this sentiment perfectly:

When people consult me, it’s not that I’m reading the future; I am guessing at the future… How do I guess at the future? Based on the omens of the present. The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better.

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Bhaswati Moulick said...

First let me acknowledge my special thanks to you for reaping all my fears out from my mind with respect to the unknown and unseen. Your reading is more like a guidance through the dark passage of a clouded mind. More so because it's precise. It leads you to the open door to the light of the world. One thing is for sure, now I know am not alone, helpless and feeble. Thanks is just not enough!