I am a lost Musician
Lost upon the sky
I'm forsaken by you.

I am your lost reflection
Lost deep in your dreams
I'm ruined by you.

I'm lost woman
Lost in the Utopian World
I'm blind all for you.

I'm lost in the pain
All I hear is your voice
Of betrayed You.

I'm a lost bird
I can't find my way back
I can't find my home.

I'm lost in the shadows
Lost without any hope
I just hear the whispering

I'm lost in my world
Its too late for me now
I'm gone,I'm banished

All for you.


Just PIXY said...

U really feel this way or can you write this well?
"Its too late for me now"
Cmon there's still time.....I Hope!
btw ever tried writing something Happy??

abhishek said...

brilliante .. I share quite a similar view ... grt work.. I truly miss the comfort in being sad.. keep it up

Ashmita said...

Thank you Abhishek :)