A Story

Ever feel like nothing could go right for you and that you are never going to get out of a slump? The need for companionship is strong enough to overrule any other emotion or any thought. Life seems much blacker without someone to share it with. Life continues regardless, and I abide...

The Story

Countless faces all around, whispering while listening to the music. Happy hours of the city has just started. There she is, locked up within her solitude, begging for mercy for a crime that she never committed. Love came to her once, like a dark silhouette. She believed in Fairy Tales after all! The flash of thunder, a few hiccups and a lonely street.

Another cigarette, a little sip of rum - this is her last day to prove that she wasn't wrong. The society, caste her out, like a leper. She fought gallantly for her innocence and now the exhaustion made her numb. Her blank eyes, witnessing how these social moths are feasting on her soul euphorically. She met justice on that winding road, smiling like the rest, promising what her lover once assured, “I’ll never leave your side." But not every fairy tale ends with a 'happily ever after'.

Next day, a court full of audience. Judgment ready, her heart panting. The last show. She was standing there, with quiet eyes and silent tears. Listening to the 'story' of what each has to say. Once her well wishers, these people ridiculed, battered her emotions, wasted on that phantom. They are the witness of the murder that never took place.

Only once she screamed, her eyes looking for help, " I don't know, please believe me, I can't kill him, as he never existed! I'm innocent and slowly she whispered, I loved him." Nobody heard her plea, they all were busy, mocking at her, laughing. "She is so stupid..." they said.

Justice never came to her, neither came the knight. The judge with baritone voice announced, "To be hanged till death." She paused and smiled.

Case closed. Justice pending. Death awaited.

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