Conversation of two dead Romantics

Enter the Illusionist...

Exit the infamous Mortician!

Mortician: Heh ! blasphemy !

Illusionist: lol...dont worry

Mortician: but, am not worried baby

Illusionist: When the Illusionist dies it would have to take the favor of the mortician

Mortician : Duh! how can she even dare to do that! She shall be cursed and thrown out of her business in no time !

Illusionist: Well, that was our first deal!

Mortician :(laughs) Told ya even then, you can't afford me. Glad you remember at least one among the thousands of worthless DEALS

Illusionist: Hmm.. (sigh)

Mortician: ...pretty much dead air in between, let the silence speak 'cuz it speaks a million words unlike people like you and me.

Illusionist: True (smiles)

Mortician: turned a mortician into a worthless poet! tsk tsk ... Look what you have done to me now :|

Illusionist: aschorjo toh ! (strange) If a corpse can be a magician, then why cant a mortician be a poet?

Mortician: Correction love, its NOT a corpse anymore, its a dazzling Illusionist !! The one and ONLY one ... am just a mere mortician ...who chops the dead bodies and smell these dirty rotten flesh !!

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