Nothing ever happens and I WONDER :-|

Lazy morning sips to an endless cuppa, and then I sit and yawn! Welcome to a Sunday.I still remember there was this certain "someday" when things were different than it always were. And now another day. When the smokes circle in the air I sit and wonder! Is there anything called God, Devil, Humanity or they are all different ratios of nonchalance??!! Anyways questions are better not be answered all the time.

I have always been an atheist and more I talk about it people told me that some of my miseries are due to my lack of faith in the Almighty. How mighty that "Spirit' can be I question when that "Supreme Soul" drinks and have fun all by Himself up in somewhere called Heaven while thousands of people are suffering for nothing.

Another OTT expression is Love. Oh Man!! Who discovered this at times I have an immense urge to thank that "Extra Terrestrial Being". I mean who has seen simple Love beyond any expectations? I want to meet that person who has not suffered a zilch for something "As Divine as Loooove..."(yeah pun intended)! If something which is as sacred as love then why people fall in and out of it like the Entry and Exit gates??!!!

Questions storming like a whirlwind and still no reply. Sometimes I feel like breaking every norms of this society. People talk about chances but in the process they forget that chances are not given they are taken. Behind every successful, smart and humorous face there is an insecured and weak heart. They are used in such a way that the real person are left behind far far away with no traces of true identity.And in this world of consumerism we talk about Real Fruit juices??!! duh! What a life....

Finally after everything am back to square one...What was I talking about???!! Oh yeah about God, Love, Humanity, Affection, Respect, Commitments, Forgiveness etcetera. So...come on!! lets shower this Circus fondly called Earth something like those which only exist in the 3-D Utopian World. Okay I was just not talking about being utterly self-centered and foolish. was I ??!!

P.S.: Need your help I know if this goes on I shall be a Lunatic for good lol!

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