Smoke circles in the air
from a cigarette left laying there

There is a tear
caught between-holding on-letting go

And the rain
it dances on the windowpane
Thunder echoes
like the slamming of the door-a clinched fist
Lightning flashes
reflections off a shattered mirror
Showing all-you fight to deny
cut lip-bruises-black eye
That whispered-inner voice
screaming-I told you so
And so and so
it comes and goes
Moments like this
fading now-already somehow
Like it never really happened again
until the next time...

...And the rain
it dances on the windowpane...


Just PIXY said...

Really mature writing(unlike u)
I Wish i had tghe patience and clarity to express myself like this...... well maybe i shud try,and maybe the time is now!!!

joy said...

seasons fly away,
once cloudy is now a sunny day,
hopes burst out in every ray,
let love pave its way,
across the shielded fear of pain.

Let the rain..
dance on the window pain..

panu said...

love it.

Anu said...

Another really fave one of mine :)