Depressions in the east
Returning Monsoons,
Another autumn dishevelled in the rains.

Yet a splash of red avers on the patch-
of gloomy sky
i'm alloted from my little window ply

I see a speck of vermillion, naked eyes forbear
I'm sure I still see it there
Every hint of vermillion,
two birds soaring in that sky,
the conifers holding up the sky,
remind me, remind me of you

Three rainy autumns back,
on a golden day between the rains
a destined day in october,
an uneventful normal day
You happened to me

The way we met across a glance
what else in life they call a chance
Then the days of holy engagements
all truly vague arrangements

Alone alone I'm all alone
nowadays I live alone
Crumbled and crushed I lay awake
across the dust of mine self I've broke

Call me from your pain
across these sounds of rain
Colour my opening eyes
with vermillion-
from between your brows
kiss me and never leave

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