Heartless Love

Heartless statues,
Dauntless cowards
Sunshine darkens my empty,
Bruised soul
Silence echoes off the wall...

Desireless passion
and cruel love,
Run away from fear,
Fly like a black dove.

Resentful anger makes you crave
What you can't own.


When I close my eyes at night,
I float back into time,
And I reminisce on the days that you were mine.

I hear your voice,
I see your face,
I feel your touch,
But now, I’m out of place.

You don’t want me there
I can see it in your eyes
But you’re nice to me anyway
Covering up your lies.

...and then, 

I start to forget you,
Then I think of you

A broken heart
torn by your annihilating hands

A sweet face
ruined by your vicious kisses

A gentle body
that never wants to be touched again

A mind shattered
by your delusory caring words

A life devastated
when you left without looking back!


Cassia Bark said...

Did u really write these? U amaze me every day my North Star...love u to bits <3

Ashmita said...

Thank you Sohini, I am just trying to portray what I felt. Its just the beginning and with friends like you, am sure am gonna make it somewhere!